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Exploring Space Through Movement and Theater

Viewpoints Workshop with Claire Thill and Frieda Gerson

Viewpoints is a method of theatrical improvisation and collective creation, developed in the United States and practiced in theater schools worldwide. It is suitable for both professionals from any artistic discipline as well as non-professionals.

It encourages participants to create their own snippets of stories using everything a unique space can offer (architecture, people who traverse it, conversations that occur there).

By examining what surrounds us, we will try to unveil the places conducive to exploration and theatrical invention. We will ask ourselves what stories are hidden in the walls, in movement, in sounds. What does this place tell us? What is happening there?

Together, we create original improvisations.

Walkshop with walking artist Alisa Oleva

Walkshop with walking artist Alisa Oleva

Walking the streets in an exploratory and adventurous way During the walkshop participants will spend time listening, walking, observing, noticing, and sharing. We will do a soundwalk and practice deep listening techniques. We will get lost and follow lines. How does the city move us and how do we move it? Where is the place where you can see everyone but no one can see you? How long can you follow a line, or a stranger? What are the routes you take every day?